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What Services Can NIUniverse Offer You?

If you already have a business in banking and payment field and you want to enhance your performance, our business and system analyst team can study your system structure and provide you with their professional counsel to improve your business with minimum change and cost.
If you want to stay on top of your banking and payment business in this extremely competitive market, we can analyze your target market and come up with novel solutions conforming to the state-of-the-art technologies in the world.
If you need a deep analysis of the security and prosperity of your system, we can scrutinize every bit of it, identify the vulnerabilities, and provide the best solutions to overcome them.
Moreover, our proficient security team can offer you the most reliable security solutions for your payment network and infrastructure.

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OTP Generation and Authentication

  • Responding to requests via web service and ISO message
  • Assigning multiple tokens to several people
  • Sending OTP via SMS, email, social media, etc.
  • Employing secure algorithms for encryption

OTP Generation and Authentication

Dynamic passwords have proven to be a more reliable and secure approach for authentication purposes than static ones. One of the most typical forms of dynamic passwords is OTP. The OTP solution provided by NIUniverse is called Setareh, which presents three approaches for accessing an OTP, including mobile app, token device, and online (via SMS, email, voice, social media).

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Identity And Access Management

  • High request performance and quick response process
  • Centralized user creation and user management and Identity federation
  • Supporting authorization and authentication protocols such as OAuth2, SAML, Openid, etc.
  • Single-Sign-On
  • Role-based, attribute-based, and policy-based authorization

Identity And Access Management

One of the vital concerns of every business is the security of its data and controlling the access to different parts of the system. NIU.IAM ensures the security of your systems while providing the first-class performance and response time. By allowing you to create users in a centralized manner, supporting single-sign-on, and benefiting from identity federation feature, this solution helps your systems to be more organized, and consequently, perform better.

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Integrated Channel

  • High request performance and quick response process
  • Integrating organizational services and processes into a single channel
  • Converting various protocols and web services into each other
  • Integration with IAM system for access control purposes

Integrated Channel

Considering the great importance of utilizing state-of-the-art technologies in payment businesses and the necessity of providing adequate infrastructure for the development of the banking business, the project of developing a channel with the capability of converting different protocols into each other, providing various services required by different systems, and defining organization-wide workflows was seen necessary. By addition of an IAM module to this solution, NIUniverse development and analysis team provided the channel with identity and access control management capability as well. In better words, the collection of a service bus (DSB), its adaptors, and IAM form the developed integrated banking channel called Darion.
Darion channel benefits from the advantageous features of Darion Service Bus, NIU.IAM, and necessary adaptors developed by NIUniverse.


Offline Digital Wallet

  • Assured, simple, and agile payment
  • High extensibility
  • Inexpensive infrastructure
  • The best alternative to online card-based payments (POS)
  • Decreasing micropayment costs for payment network businesses

Offline Digital Wallet

Currently, a huge capacity of card-based transactions within the online banking networks is engaged in micropayment that can enforce a great deal of expenses on banking businesses. NIUniverse proposes an offline digital wallet to handle micropayments transactions through assured, simple, and agile payments, thus the name ASAPay. Not only does ASAPay transfer this amount of transactions to offline infrastructure, but also provides a solution for the problem of ‘change money’ since it is a digital incarnation of money and can be divided to the currency unit.


Instant Card Issuance

  • Maintaining the security of card’s data
  • Protecting card’s sensitive data (CSD) and observing PCI regulations
  • Full compliance with standard international switches’ business processes
  • PIN generation and providing it to customer in a secure and protected manner

Instant Card Issuance

Instant card issuance means the process of card generation and activation is done immediately after receiving customer’s request for card issuance.
Despite the fact that this service is very popular in Iran, it is not commonly used worldwide and has many limitations. Therefore, this service is not included in standard switches and business owners must buy an appropriate solution for this purpose and add it to their architecture if they want to provide instant card issuance service to their customers.
Having studied the most popular solutions worldwide and after careful analysis of Iran banking architecture and recognizing its main and basic requirements, NIUniverse presents a more convenient instant issuing solution, called “Chabok”, which is designed by observing banking rules and regulations of the Central Bank of Iran and taking into account international switches’ features and specification.

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We hold The Future

In this fast-evolving era of technology, the key to progress is to benefit from others’ experiences and achievements while sharpening our knowledge by following the cutting-edge technologies around the world. We do not re-invent the wheel, but that does not keep us from coming up with innovations in our field of expertise. Nevertheless, we are more than willing to share these accomplishments with others for we believe as we benefit from their experiences, they can benefit from ours too, and together we can build a brighter future in this line.
NIUniverse is not a mere technology enterprise. It’s the family we share with our colleagues and we would like to expand this family for we enjoy working together, learning from each other, and helping one another grow. We dignify our customers for NIUniverse is defined through its customers; hence, we are very selective about who we work with.
We will not settle for what we have already achieved. We tried so hard to be the pioneer in our working field, and we will have to work harder to stay on the leading-edge of information technologies in order to provide the Novel Information technologies to the Universe. Having benefited from the keenest and the most talented ingenious specialists, we will keep moving forward and that is why “We Hold The Future”.

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